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AHS notifies people in Lethbridge of ineffective vaccine given

LETHBRIDGE – Alberta Health Services (AHS) notified 10 people who received the Pfizer COVID-19 immunization at the Lethbridge Exhibition on April 29 that the vaccine provided to them was potentially ineffective, as only the saline water diluent, and not the actual vaccine, was administered to five of these individuals.

AHS will contact all 10 potentially impacted people to rebook their immunization appointment.

Only those contacted directly by AHS are considered impacted by this issue.

During a routine audit at the end of the day on April 29, an unused vial of vaccine was found. An investigation involving interviews with staff, and a review of vaccine logs and electronic documentation was conducted to determine how the discrepancy could have occurred.

Diluent is part of the final vaccine product and is administered as part of the shot. Manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine provide vaccine and diluent in separate vials which are mixed together by the healthcare provider prior to administering the final vaccine product. There are no anticipated health effects from providing the saline to these impacted individuals. However, the saline solution itself does not provide protection against the COVID-19 virus.