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VIDEO: U.S. Senator accuses Fauci of colluding with Big Tech to suppress information

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted a video highlighting her view that Dr. Anthony Fauci colluded with Big Tech to suppress information about COVID-19.

“Here are some facts that I want you to know,” Sen. Blackburn said in the video. “Yes, first of all, Dr. Fauci was emailing with Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook trying to create that narrative, cherry picking information, so that you would only know what they wanted you to know.”

“I will tell you this, Big Tech has really stepped over the line on this one. We all have suggestions of how we as a Senate should move forward and things that we should do to make sure this never happens to the American people,” said Senator Blackburn.

Senator Blackburn tweeted: “I think that it is appropriate that Dr. Fauci step aside from his responsibilities at the NIAID and that he make himself available to Congress to find out exactly how was he in cahoots with Mark Zuckerberg and big tech.”

“YouTube even took down a video from some medical doctors who were questioning the values of these lockdowns,” said Senator Blackburn.

Senator Blackburn and other Senators called out Facebook, Twitter and YouTube during a press conference June 10.

At the conference, Senator Roger Wicker said Big Tech has grown extremely large, rich and powerful to the point where they are deciding what the American people can and will hear.  He said Google threatened to cut off several Conservative websites.

“How do they have the power to do that?”

Senator Wicker said Facebook suspended the account of a former president of the United States.

“That’s too much power for them to decide who can and who cannot make news and be quoted.”

Senator Wicker said Twitter censored COVID coverage they thought could spread panic.

“How does a multi-rich Internet platform get to make that decision?”

The GOP Senators said Big Tech stepped over the line this time in the suppression of information. They joined together to create several standing committees in the Senate to investigate.

“These large tech Internet platforms can’t discriminate based on their own opinions and based on what they think the public should and should not be allowed to hear. This is a grave threat to our freedom and an open exchange of ideas under our constitution.”

GOP Senators condemned the media for suppressing information and not being fair or unbiased in their reporting.

“Shame on the media and shame on the social media,” said Senator Ron Johnson.

In the Senate GOP press conference, Republicans also demanded that information into the Wuhan Institute of Virology and gain of function research be declassified.