114,000 people across France demonstrate against COVID health pass

FRANCE – Approximately 114,000 demonstrators across France protested against the COVID 19 health pass. 

According to the French Interior Ministry, more than 100,000 demonstrators gathered Saturday in France to protest the expansion of the COVID-19 health pass, reported French media Le Perisien.

The measure comes into force Wednesday and will be extended in August to bars, restaurants and other everyday places.

Florian Philippot, who has led the protest against the health policy for months, called on his supporters to join him in Paris for a demonstration between the Place du Palais Royal in the 1st arrondissement and the Place Laroque, in the 7th arrondissement.  

This sign reads: “Disobdience! We are not QR codes.” (Winteroaks press photo)

Thousands of people flooded the streets of France. Singer Francis Lalanne and the former muse Yellow Vests Jacline Mouraud also participated.

During the peaceful demonstration there were signs referring to the situation of Jews under the Nazi dictatorship.

Thousands of French residents took to the streets Saturday to protest the COVID 19 health pass. (Winteroaks press photo)
French people are comparing the COVID-19 health pass to Hitler. (Winteroaks press photo)
“Our children are not guinea pigs” “My body does not belong to medicine” (Winteroaks press photo)
66 million men and women can still say no. Resist! You are not alone! (Winteroaks press photo)
Down with the techno-medical dictatorship!(Winteroaks press photo)
“Together, ‘vaccinated’ or not. No to intimidation, constraint, discrimination. Yes to free choice, equality, fraternity” (Winteroaks press photo)
You are powerful, Act like it. (Winteroaks press photo)
A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth. (Winteroaks press photo)