Postmedia staff at National Post wins collective agreement after years of frozen wages

TORONTO – Newsroom employees at the National Post have ratified their first collective agreement six months after voting overwhelmingly to form a union at one of Canada’s largest daily newspapers. 

The deal means newsroom salaries will increase an average of 8.25 per cent over the two-year agreement after years of a prolonged wage freeze. Some employees will see double-digit percentage raises.

“Our bargaining priorities were clear from the beginning,” said Paul Morse, Unifor Local 87-M president. “The members wanted to address low wages, job security, diversity, benefits, and editorial integrity.”

National Post journalists can now claim cash overtime, file grievances for binding arbitration, pursue editorial integrity issues, exercise seniority rights, and receive enhanced termination pay and severance in the case of layoffs, among a long list of improvements. Employees with 20 years or more service will have a sixth week of vacation restored.

And, in a first for Canadian unionized newspapers, BIPOC/Diversity job candidates will receive priority in cases of relatively equal candidate interviews and in intern hiring.

“We’ve reached a very fair deal that strengthens the newsroom and positions the newspaper for even greater success,” said Morse. 

Unifor Local 87-M is a composite local of media and knowledge workers across southern Ontario, including large daily newspapers Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and Toronto Sun. Unifor is Canada’s largest private-sector union with more than 315,000 members in all sectors of the economy, including media.