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Covid outbreak on fully vaccinated cruise ship, CDC investigates rising number of Covid cases on cruises

Carnival ship / photo

A Carnival cruise ship made an unplanned stop in Lisbon Dec. 29 due to a covid outbreak in its fully vaccinated crew.

The cruise liner had required that everyone ages 12 and up on board had at least two doses of the vacc!ne – as well as a negative C0VlD test – before boarding. According to officials, no one aboard tested positive before the ship sailed but soon afterward, 52 cases of C0VlD were reported among the staff.

The cruise, which was supposed to travel to Madera for New Year’s Eve, was canceled and passengers disembarked. Those who tested positive have been quarantined in hotels in Lisbon.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified more than 85 cruise ships with Covid-19 cases on board, the agency said.

Many passengers and media reports, including those from CNN and Euronews, said authorities of a few ports in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Mexico disallowed passengers to disembark from cruise ships that were carrying active Covid-19 cases.

Royal Caribbean didn’t respond to news agency Reuters’ request for comment, while Norwegian Cruise Line declined to comment.