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CTV quietly deletes headline saying vaccinated outnumber unvaxxed in hospitals

Headline updated to ‘Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated, but it doesn’t mean the shots don’t work: experts’

CTV News Calgary accidentally disparaged the infallible vaccine in an article published on Friday, leading to the piece being heavily edited, reported Roberto Wakerell-Cruz a Montreal-based journalist, writer, and podcast host who hosts This Week In Canada, a comedy and opinion news show.

The original headline, “Vaccinated now outnumber the unvaccinated in Calgary hospitals,” apparently left too much room for interpretation and perhaps granted some level of vindication for those who have decided to wait on getting a vaccine, or have decided for their own personal reasons that they won’t be receiving one.

The headline has since been updated to “Vaccinated hospital patients outpace the unvaccinated, but it doesn’t mean the shots don’t work: experts.” CTV deleted the tweet with the original article title, which had amassed thousands of engagements. 

The article states: “Albertans with at least one shot took over more hospital beds than those without this week. But the raw numbers are incomplete, and a dive into the data shows being vaccinated may be more important now than ever before.”

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They changed the title and deleted the original tweet.— Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) January 7, 2022

“As of Thursday, 217 unvaccinated Albertans were in hospital with COVID-19, compared to 282 patients with at least one shot. But almost 90 per cent of the province has one dose, which means the ‘rate per 100,000 people’ is a more telling metric to measure admissions,” the article continues.

Unvaccinated ICU patients with COVID-19 far outnumber those who are vaccinated, with 47 unvaccinated to vaccinated’s 18. 

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“The numbers are just as imbalanced using proper metrics: 5.2 unvaccinated people per 100,000 are in the ICU. That rate drops to 0.4 with two doses,” they report.

Vaccines, however, may not be for everyone, and many who weigh out the risks-rewards for themselves decide to take the risk of not getting the jab. 

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As written by Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms‘ John Carpay for The Post Millennial: “Canadians have good reasons to get the COVID shot, and good reasons not to. Natural immunity in those who have already had COVID is as effective, and likely more effective, than vaccine-induced immunity. The COVID vaccines are still in clinical trails until 2023, and have not been subjected to any long-term safety testing. The new COVID vaccines have harmful side effects in some people, including myocarditis and death, that have caused many Canadians to withhold their informed consent to taking one. For young males, the risk of harm from the COVID vaccine is higher than the risk of harm from COVID.”

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