VIDEO: Protesters against covid restrictions descend on Calgary mayor’s home

Calgary Freedom Central video

Today anti-restriction protesters descended on the private residence of Mayor Jyoti Gondek to voice there dissatisfaction with her vaccine and mask related policies as well as her hateful rhetoric towards the unvaccinated.

Mayor Gondek was home at the time and was seen closing her garage door after realizing she was surrounded protesters and could not leave her house.

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Protesters can be heard chanting outside her house. Police responded to the mayor’s call and a HAWC soon circled overhead and protesters dispersed before cruisers could arrive.

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Mayor Jyoti Gondek responded on Twitter.

Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi commented on Twitter about the protest at the house of Mayor Jyoti Gondek calling it “very upsetting and never ok.”

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MLA Rakhi Pancholi also commented on Twitter about the protests.

Some on Twitter, however, responded saying protests were necessary for democracy.

Colin Kiddine@QuillOfTheWest·7hBad take. If protesting outside a politician’s home is as bad as terrorism, than terrorism is only as bad as protesting outside a politician’s home. Protests are often messy and strain the limits of acceptability. They are still necessary for our democracy to function.

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