Federal government injects $350,000 into Indigenous women project

LETHBRIDGE – Federal government announced today $350,000 over three years for Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society’s Blackfoot Women’s Empowerment.

The project is aimed at empowering Blackfoot women to overcome the social, economic, and geographic barriers to their prosperity, whether they live on or off reserve.

“When we invest in women, we strengthen the economy and our communities for everyone. By funding organizations like Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society, that address the very real barriers that Indigenous women face, we are ensuring that all women have an equal and fair chance at success,” said Maryam Monsef, Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality, 

Opokaa’sin will encourage Indigenous women in Blackfoot confederacies to participate in leadership roles, conduct a Gender-based Analysis Plus on the role of women in cultural and community practices, and develop and implement a strategy to advance the economic security of women in all Blackfoot confederacies.

This is one of 15 projects receiving funding through the Department for Women and Gender Equality’s call for proposals Addressing the Economic Security and Prosperity of Indigenous Women. 

“Since our inception, Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society’s mission has been to nurture and support the strengths and resilience of Indigenous families, children, and youth,” said Tanya Pace-Crosschild, C.E.O
Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society. “With this investment, we will empower Indigenous women with culturally appropriate community responses about economic prosperity for the benefit of all nations within the Blackfoot Confederacy.”

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